Paradox interactive

Originally, I was brought in as a freelancing Livestream Producer for Paradox. Producing livestreams on and editing them for upload onto YouTube. Eventually I was brought on as a fulltime employee in charge of all internal streaming and VOD (Video On Demand) platforms. During my time at Paradox we’ve expanded from two YouTube channels to five, and livestreaming on platforms such as Mixer, YouTube, and Steam.

Paradox Interactive is a Sweden based video game publisher famous for titles such as Cities: Skylines, the Europa Universalis series, and Stellaris.


In early 2016 I was brought on as a video editor for SP4ZIE,  editing his Stream Derp series. Using notes from SP4ZIE, I edit down streams of up to 5 hours long down to videos fit for YouTube. Adding flair to the video in form of texts, images, and effects, is part of making a SP4ZIE video. In this project I aim to make the videos indistinguishable from a video edited by SP4ZIE.

SP4ZIE is a League of Legends focused YouTube content creator and Twitch.TV Streamer.


I started working with YACC since their content was of a similar nature to the work I'd done with SP4ZIE. Their series Streams & Giggles is a compliation of the best and funniest moments from livestreams, edited down from several hours long livestream archives to 10 minute videos. Flair is added to the video in the form of texts and pictures. Another significant thing is cleaning up streaming UI elements which are not as applicable to a YouTube video.

YACC is a League of Legends focused YouTube and Twitch duo consisting of Acclamator and Yanipir.


At Fatshark, I've been involved with several facets of community interaction and marketing, one of which is Livestream Production. Every week we stream from the Fatshark offices in Stockholm, Sweden with the aim to interact with the community and show off what we're working on. The transitions, backgrounds, and effekts were adapted from in-game and marketing assets to livestream use by me.

Fatshark is a swedish game development studio and publisher famous for games such as Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide